Mother’s Day is Very Different in the Digital World

This morning I received five separate texts messages from male friends wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day. Last night I celebrated Mother’s Day by Skyping with friends in Israel, Holland and Italy. Later today my godson from Manila will call me on Skype with his family. I did FaceTime with nieces and nephews a few times today.
Early this morning I researched and posted 15 suitable messages on Facebook and Twitter for clients. The big story of the day is digital wallets. More about that in a future post. I also had to make time to write this blog post.

I received several electronic Mother’s Day cards this afternoon and two off-color videos from childhood friends. When I opened Twitter and Facebook, I read another 25 or so Happy Mother’s Day posts from online friends.

The digital experience didn’t end there. Things got much heavier when my daughter Whitney showed up for brunch. We talked about her new “user experience” assignments, new apps, my blog, her blog, Eliot’s newly created electronic Shutterfly photo book from our trip to India last year, what books we recently read on our iPads and Kindles, Viddy and Socialcam video editing, why I can’t ever remember how to use certain technologies and should I buy an ultra book vs a netbook when my laptop at home blows. Still waiting for a flash solution on my iPad.

In addition to the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers, Whitney handed me her real gift spelled out inside an adorable greeting card in scripted with my first dog’s name, Gucci.  First she wrote a few personal things and then detailed the gift she knew would please me the most.

“I want to help you with DigiDame. That is why my gift to you is optimizing DigiDame.Together we will be installing sharing services, blog roll, Disqus comments, recent comments plug in, popular posts plug in, tweet wall, archives, contact page, tags/categories, and reading list.”

I teared up. She knew how much I wanted and needed the help. I rely so much on our tech whiz at HWH that it felt so good to have additional reinforcements. Whitney spent a few hours optimizing DigiDame so take a good look around. We talked about all of the improvements and what I need to do to get a much larger audience. I have my work cut out for me but I had the most rewarding Mother’s Day ever. Other mothers may have spent the day eating heart shaped pancakes and parading around town with their corsages and sparkling new jewelry. I got what I needed the most, the ability to stay in the digital game a little bit longer.