Color Me Experienced 

I took a giant step forward today in my wonderful world of coloring. I actually went over to the Apple Store on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, and took a class on Sketch, Draw, and Paint With the iPad.

I have owned an iPad Pro for a number of months now. I didn’t know how to use the Apple Pencil and most of the apps devoted to creating art work.

I know that many DigiDame readers have figured this out by themselves but I really needed assistance. Plus, I wanted to experience one of the workshops I read so much about. An Apple instructor spent one hour with me and gave me the basics of what I needed to know using three apps, Notes, Adobe Sketch, and Procreate. He also showed me how to use the Apple Pencil, power it up, and apply it to the page via colors and shading. 

All classes are free. Today, I was the only student. Most classes only attract a few people at a time because they are frequently conducted.

The lesson was out in the open and the instructor spoke through a mini mic. I could easily see and hear everything.

This is the Apple Pencil. You can charge it through the iPad or wall socket. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to charge and lasts all day.

This is the packaging for the Apple Pencil. You don’t need to keep it. I was told the Apple Pencil should be treated like any other pen or pencil but don’t get it wet. Hold on to the extra tip and mini charger connector for the wall socket.

Notes is perfect for the Apple Pencil. No charge.

Adobe Sketch was free and Procreate was $6.00. Each app offers all kinds of new and different features.

My email appointment confirmation.

I don’t know why but my favorite doodle word is “Queens.” My first effort using the Apple Pen.

Learning to use the ruler and how to access the selection of colors.

Practicing and experimenting.

For those of you who are artistically inclined, drawing on an iPad will just be an extension of your creative talents. For me, and others like me, a whole new world just opened up.