We Made It To Paris

This is our second trip to Paris this year. Both are quasi business related, but I have to admit we have plenty of time for both work and fun. I must say that Eliot and I feel totally comfortable here, like it’s our second home. Everyone is friendly and accommodating.

The whole shtick about the French refusing to speak English is not true anymore in Paris. The entire city is filled with people from all over the world, speaking hundreds of different languages. Most folks just want to get along and make a decent living.

We are also very lucky that we have friends who live here so we get to see what life in Paris is really like. They eat tons of bread, butter, and pastries, and still stay thin. Eliot and I had olive bread today with chunks of big olives inside, and it was divine.

Now, on to the great tech news. Many of the telephone carriers are now offering inexpensive international phone, text and data plans. For $10 a day, my iPhone works like I was home in the United States. I am in constant communications with my office, and I can work remotely from anywhere in the world. I never had access like this before.

Making a call right in the street without having to seek out a WiFi area is so liberating. Thank you Verizon. Other carriers have it too. Thank you Howard Stark for making me aware of this service.

Verizon has TravelPass. The minute I arrived in Paris, I received the welcome text below. It’s a whole new world.