My Greasy Face


Lance Ulanoff at Mashable, tested the toaster.

You are going to hear about this from someone, so it might as well be me. You can now burn an image of your selfie on to a piece of toast. Just imagine, you can now smear butter all over your face every morning,

I have no idea why anyone would want this image-burner toaster that costs $75.00, but the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp. reports brisk sales. I guess if you want a novel gift for someone, this is it.

You have to upload the portrait you want to use to the Vermont Novelty Toaster website. Then a rather tedious process takes place. Lance Ulanoff, editor-at-large at Mashable, actually outlined every detail. Click here to get a more detailed explanation,

This is a selfie my daughter Whitney took of all of us this morning. I am not putting it on a piece of toast. This blog is ego enough.