Vive les livres imprimés à Paris

Image: WSJ

Eliot and I were in Paris twice this year. Both times we marveled at the number of book stores that were still in existence, and the number of folks who were perusing the bookstalls along the Seine.

We were wondering why the printed book was still doing so well in Paris while everything was going digital in the States. We didn’t have to wonder very long. The Wall Street Journal recently announced that the Parisian bookstalls are in trouble. The newspaper said France is falling out of love with the printed book. The internet has taken over.

Two hundred kiosk venders are in trouble. They are even being forced to sell more and more souvenirs to stay in business. They also have a new plan. Read about it here.

Look at the Tweets I Found

Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost)
Twitter set to make almost $1 BILLION off mobile ads in 2014

Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki)
Billionaire bored of his yacht – see photos
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You’ve Heard Of The Electric Car? Now There Is An Electric Boat

Can you imagine water skiing on a lake where powerboats were previously prohibited?

Coming to you soon.

Kara Swisher, one of the most important tech writers in the business and co-founder of AllThingsDigital at the Wall Street Journal, revealed an electric boat for the mass market earlier this week. Click here to see Kara’s story.

They said it could never be done but long time tech entrepreneur. Andy Rebele, of Pure Watercraft, did it. Click here to see his story.

The boat is so quiet no one will hear a thing, except the birds and the bees.

Rebele’s last start-up was CityAuction, which he sold to IAC/InterActiveCorp for $54 million.

I guess he is ready for his next big wave.