April 1 Marks 40 Years For Lois And Eliot   

This Saturday, Eliot and I will be living together 40 years.  This November, we will be married 38 years. We always celebrate both anniversaries. Considering we are together 24/7, one could say we should be celebrating over 100 years. 

Whatever the number is, we decided to do something outrageous to mark the occasion. We both agreed to get “Warholed.”

Gallerist Gail Williams, of the Williams McCall Gallery, arranged for master printers, Debbie Carfagno and Michael Enns, to produce Warhol-like silkscreen portraits of us. The artists worked for Warhol in the late 1970’s until his death in 1987. 

The whole experience was wonderful. We were stylized and photographed. Then Debbie and Michael did their Warhol interpretation. We couldn’t be more pleased. The portraits represent the best of memories. 

Thank you Gail, Dawn, Debbie and Michael. 

Lois and Eliot