Father’s Day At Grand Banks

It was an absolute delight spending Father’s Day with Whitney, Fredrick and Eliot onboard the Grand Banks. It’s a schooner restaurant docked at Pier 25, Hudson River Park. Fredrick is the General Manager. We dined on oysters, lobster rolls, and designer drinks.

Photos by Eliot and Whitney Hess 

What could they be talking about?

Are we in New York City?

The official hello

Loving every minute

Eliot’s order

Weekend crowds

Not allowed to mention the celebs

There’s something for eveyone on Pier 25.

Overseeing the production

Downtown Manhattan is like being in a new New York.

Here come the waves.

Rocked me to sleep

I’m Still Celebrating 

It all started with an email. I needed an unique location for a Waterpik press conference. I didn’t want to go the usual hotel, restaurant, or club route. That is so ordinary. 

I came up with the idea of using a magnificent and expensive coop or condo unit because many members of the media never get to see the inside of some of these homes. A few years ago, I used a gorgeous penthouse in Tudor City. 

This year I couldn’t find an appropriate location, so I sent out a series of emails to friends asking if they had any ideas. Lucky me. Entertainment executives/producers Jillian Crane and Al Kahn offered their townhouse in the sky. Hana Alberts of the New York Post showed up for the press party. Hana took one look at this unique home and decided it had to be featured in her newspaper. Here it is.

Calorie Counting Technology  

Photo by : AVA

I may just have found a great way for everyone, or anyone, to lose weight. I bet I have your attention now.

A startup company named AVA that permits you to take a photo of what you want to eat and reports the amount of calories contained in that item or items before you start consuming.”

It sounds crazy but AVA wants you to take a photo of what you are about to eat, text it to them and they will give you health and caloric information immediately.

Ian Brady, AVA’s co-founder and CEO, told Digital Trends. “We want to do away with the dreary manual logging process of rival healthy-eating apps in favor of an altogether more streamlined process.” 

AVA is in beta mode. The technology is a combination of image recognition, human recognition and algorithms.

Founded in 2016, the company raised $3 million from DCM VenturesKhosla Ventures,     and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors

Read more about it here in Digital Trends.


Ain’t It So

Bad news for grammarians. A recent poll conducted by Huffington Post indicated that most folks don’t mind improper grammar when reading texts and emails. 

I never would have guessed that. I think it’s astonishing that only 12 percent of the 1000 people who answered said that improper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization bother them a lot.

Most of the respondents came from a cross-section of age, race, income, and American region. 

  1. Ethan Sklaw’s first selfie with auntie Lois. Mom Liz shared the spotlight. Eliot and I went to visit Liz, Brett and Ethan in Albany yesterday.



So You Think You Can’t Draw

Graham Shaw, the author of “The Art of Business Communication: How to use pictures, charts and graphics to make your message stick,” wants to help people accomplish things they never thought possible.

I recently watched his TED Talk because too many friends my age have regrets about not doing certain things with their lives–ski, write, golf, act. They won’t even try now.

Shaw said, “Many people believe they can’t draw. I think it’s more to do with beliefs rather than talent and ability. So I think when you say you can’t draw, that’s just an illusion. And today I’d like to prove that to you.

“I’m not saying you are all going to draw like Michelangelo, but I bet by the end of the session you could draw pictures.There are only two things you need to do to be able to achieve this. One is have an open mind and two, just be prepared to have a go. So grab a pen and a piece of paper.”

 My attempt. It was a lot of fun. 

Van Gogh’s The Starry Night In Water 

One of the reasons why I love reading tech blogs so much is because I learn something new all the time. The minute I read about Turkish artist Garip Ay in Gizmodo, I knew I was going to share the story with you.

Ay recreated Van Gogh’s The Starry Night in a tray of water. The technique is called “Ebru.” It’s traditional Turkish painting. People in the art  world simply refer to it as painting on water (swirling the paint) and then transferring it onto paper. 

Garip Ay was born in Turkey in 1984 He first studied in the High School of Fine Arts in Diyarbakir, Turkey, He later graduated with a degree in Traditional Turkish Arts from Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul. Ay has held numerous exhibitions, workshops and seminars around the world. 

It’s quite fascinating. Please watch the video. There is a surprise ending. 


Pelosi Challenges Apple 

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi recently said that Steve Jobs did not invent the iPhone.

“He was a pretty good designer. He was also good at putting things together.” Speaking before the Democratic National Convention Platform Hearing on Thursday, Pelosi said the U.S government invented the iPhone as well as other tech innovations.

Watch the above video to hear her exact words.

“Almost everything came from federal investments and research,” she said. Pelosi made those remarks when she was trying to underscore the importance of “federally funded basic research that contributed to some of the technology that was ultimately integrated into the iPhone.”

Rep. Pelosi said she knew Jobs well and didn’t mean to disrespect his contributions to the world.  “Apple will admit that the core technologies of the iPhone came from federally-funded  innovations.”

You can read more about this in CNET.