I was complaining to a political expert/friend that I know too many people who are planning to vote for Trump. Their reason? He won’t raise their taxes, he is good for Israel, and he won’t defund the police.

The fact that he is completely immoral, is responsible for the majority of the deaths from the virus, and has divided this country to very dangerous levels, has no impact on them. It’s enough to make me want to scream hysterically though the streets of America forever.

Here’s my friend’s response

“Some of the people in your wide universe are quite bizarre in their priorities.  However, I would caution you to not take these anecdotal experiences as anything resembling the general feeling out there. 

“Trump is truly hated, and a lightning rod to make millions of people who otherwise would not vote, turn out to vote. I assert that Trump is the most hated American who has ever lived. The hate for Hillary in 2016 was big, but the Trump hate is definitely bigger. The only way Trump wins is by cheating, which he and the Republicans are desperately trying.

“Big data point :  Trump won the over 65 demographic in 2016 by 10 points, but is trailing Biden by 7 points in that high voting demographic – a 17% swing(!!!!!).   He absolutely can not win (without cheating) with that kind of number, regardless of how high a turnout there will be from the 18-30 low voting demographic, which I believe will vote in high numbers as that demographic loathes Trump and resents Trump voting Boomers.

“Also important  – there was an op-ed piece in the NYT today about how the Kamela Harris selection by Biden is electrifying the Caribbean American voters in Florida, especially female Caribbean Americans because of Harris’s father being from Jamaica.   That may prove to be highly significant in Biden winning Florida.  If Biden wins Florida, there is NO PATH for Trump to win the election. That’s game over.  On that basis alone, choosing Harris was a very shrewd political move by Biden. 

 “Also, I expect Kamela Harris will annihilate Pence in the VP debate, making for very high theater and providing even more momentum into November.  Harris didn’t perform particularly well in the Democratic debates, but I think that was because there were too many candidates on the stage. 

“I think one-on-one she will be terrific, and prosecute the shit out of Pence and the Trump/Pence record.  Very much like how very forceful and effective she was in prosecuting/questioning that asshole Kavanaugh in the SCOTUS confirmation hearings.  After all, she was a prosecutor, this us right up her alley.  And on top of that, Trump had Pence lead their completely useless Coronavirus task force.  With 173,000 dead Americans and 200,000 + by the VP debate, Pence is gonna be destroyed by Harris with absolutely no defense. I think that debate is going to be incredible theater and unbelievably satisfying to watch.

“In my heart, I think this election will be a huge landslide for Biden, unless Trump is extremely effective in cheating, as he’s trying to do with the USPS. 

“WTF has our country become that Trump can dismantle the USPS before the election, and WTF is it with the people you know that are voting for Trump that they’re okay with that? Do they believe in democracy, or do they want us to be Russia, Iran or North Korea.   Ask them !!!”

Former Deputy Mayor of Paris Accused of Sexual Abuse

He Was an Active Guy. Suddenly His Legs Ached After a Few Blocks.

Networking Online

Susie and Anders drove from Palm Beach down to Miami to take Eliot and I out of isolation. We rarely go out. We know this dynamic duo for over 20 years. They are royalty in the special events business. They are now reinventing digital marketing and social events. We always get together to brainstorm new ideas.

The pandemic has definitely slowed down meeting new business contacts and new friends. Everyone is looking for innovative ways to network. A well known tech consultant just developed a new method. I thought I would share it with you. I signed up for four days a week, for 20 minutes each. This should be interesting.


I miss meeting new people! I miss bumping into people I know! So, necessity being the mother of invention, we’ve been experimenting with different ways to gather our community… and we have a plan!

Pick a topic. Pick a day. Join a Shelly Palmer Online Networking Salon for 20 minutes.

You’ll introduce yourself, meet some new people, bump into old friends, learn something, hang out for a bit, and then get back to work.

Request credentials and we’ll put you in the right room with the right people. This is going to be super fun!!! -s

Shelly Palmer Online Networking Salons

Weekdays from 11:05 a.m. to 11:25 a.m. EST on Zoom

Request your credentials:

• Monday – Education Tech

• Tuesday – AI & Machine Learning

• Wednesday – Health & Wellness Tech

• Thursday – Media & Entertainment Tech

43 years ago HWH PR was incorporated. This is one of our early Xmas cards. Thank you Linda Recupero for sending this to me. She is on a call on the bottom of the card. Hello Donna Austi Tobi Herman Pasterick Lisa Georgianna Gilbert.


I never credited the above video to girl friend Mindi Lampert. She was the one who introduced me to it. She deserves the recognition for making so many of us laugh. Thank you Mindi.

Love And Nature

If you love love, if you love New York and love The New York Times, then watch this series. A co-production of Amazon Studios and the New York Times, this anthology series explores love in all of its complicated and beautiful forms, as well as its effects on the human connection. Each episode brings to life a different story that has been inspired by the newspaper’s popular Modern Love column. The romantic comedy series features a star-studded cast that includes such notable actors as Jane Alexander, Emmy winner Tina Fey, Andy Garcia, Oscar winner Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel and John Slattery

On My Morning Walk With My App, “Picture Bird”

My Photo, Then The App’s ID

Shocking News From The Travel Industry

I was shocked to learn that American Airlines tried to take all of our miles away from us. They might try to do it again.

Many cruise ships are traveling to their final destination and then they will be dismantled for scrap.

An ever increasing number of people are trying to sneak guns on flights.

Thousands of airplanes are being stored in deserts on the west coast until the airlines decide if they will ever be used again.

Are hotels safe?

Which countries are turning Americans away even though our administration says we are free to visit.

Why airlines will be filling the middle seat starting in October?


740 Park Avenue

Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream

I bet most of you never heard of 740 Park Avenue. Unless you have a billion dollars in your pocket, most likely you haven’t been invited there. The uber expensive co-op just happens to be home to many of the wealthiest families in America.They are also the most politically powerful.

That’s not the entire story. The documentary also covers the disparity between the families who live on Park Avenue in Manhattan to those who live on Park Avenue in the Bronx. You go from a 20,000 sq.ft. apartment to a roach infested tenement. It gives you a lot to think about.

The reason why I posted this is because I am not happy about the way a lot of folks have been talking about my hometown. I’m not happy about the way NYC residents ran to the burbs to hide during the pandemic. Instead of staying put and helping retailers and restaurants restore themselves, they are letting others do the heavy lifting. Once the cold weather sets in, watch them come crawling back. Lock the door and don’t let them in.

This gorgeous piece of art was created by artist John DeFaro. This lucky gem will put Biden/Harris in the White House.

Kathryn Mikesell of Fountainhead Residency is a Miami Hero.

FWC (Fish & Wildlife Conservation) to test water after thousands of fish turn up dead in Biscayne Bay

Productive Pandemic

Before we get to the issue at hand, I wanted to make sure you saw the music video below. It’s just a few minutes.

Some of our favorite hours during the pandemic, is watching documentaries. Bios are our thing.

Dominick Dunne: After The Party

Mike Nichols: American Masters

All Or Nothing At All