Beaulieu-sur-Mer and St. Jean Cap Ferrat 

We went to Beaulieu-sur-Mer today to see our Miami neighbors, Ruth and Henry, who also have a home here. We had a very special day because we learned a lot about the two areas that are right next to each other and we also discussed all of the technology that you need to know about in order to be inexpensively connected if you live in the south of France. 

Eliot and I found it fascinating because, between apps and gadgets, you can watch all of your favorite TV shows, get strong Internet connections, and make all of the calls you want, for very little cost. Gone are the days when you have to spend a fortune for all of your communication needs.

We are forever grateful to Ruth and Henry for spending so much time with us. The four of us walked 12,400 steps to Cap Ferrat, visited many of the landmarks, dined out, people watched, and said hello to other Dachshunds along the way so Holly (their dog) could sniff and kiss. 

The best part was sitting in their living room overlooking the panoramic view of the Mediterranean and their town. Breathtaking.

It’s always so much fun meeting up with people you know in far away places. All of a sudden you are no longer on the outside looking in.  

Paul Allen’s home in Cap Farrat, dubbed the Pink Palace. Allen co-founded Microsoft.


Actor David Niven lived here

  Ruth and Henry  

 The Corniche. We have been driving every level: upper, middle, and lower. They are all nerve-racking. Everyone drives fast and you are basically squeezing into tight lanes that are next to steep cliffs.