Thank You For Your Generosity

We have exciting news. GMA just did a major segment on Supplies For Success, the charity I am involved in.

And the talented and charitable artist, Allen Hirsch, just did a demo video for children so they can learn special techniques to build creative art pieces.

More good news…..

The Miami Children’s Hospital, now known as Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, has agreed to give out 200 art kits to needy children during the pandemic.

It’s so important to keep children, in and out of the hospital, busy with creative projects. Their parents simply can’t afford these extras.

I need to raise another $2,000 to make this happen. Some of you helped me raise enough money to provide art kits for the Joe Di Maggio’s Children Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Now I need to do the same for Nicklaus.

Please help me be a success. Each kit costs $15. Please donate as many kits as you can. You can donate here. Thank you so very much.

Miami Got A Soaking Tonight

The Today Show Despondent Over GMA Twitter Score


The Today Show has had some major blows lately because of its huge drop in viewership, but nothing could have prepared them for the hit they took this morning. Just hours ago, Twitter, with its over 250 million active users, decided to announce its entry into the music business on ABC’s Good Morning America rather than the former morning news kingpin. My sources told me that you could hear a pin drop on the set of the Today Show as rival GMA got all cozy with one of the most sensational social media platforms.

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