The In Crowd


The most awesome place on Earth to be this week is SXSW, formerly and casually known as South by Southwest, in Austin, Texas. Running from March 8-12, SXSW features the brightest minds in emerging technology. It is also one big party where people drink and eat too much.

To get a proper perspective on what goes on here every year, click here. Lance Ulanoff, editor at Mashable, tells it like it is.


Lance Ulanoff

Augmented Reality Changes Online Shopping Forever



I have been writing this blog for almost a year. There have been some marvelous technology revelations during that time. I think the one I am about to describe is really a mindblower.

Now, for the first time ever, there is an app, for both Android and iOS, that lets you visualize how furniture or art work that you might want to buy from an ecommerce site will look in your home. Aptly called Augment, the “try it on” button on Augment-connected ecommerce sites will overlay the item anywhere you point your smartphone or tablet camera in your home.

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