Up, Up and Away


One of the things I dislike the most about flying coach is the beverage cart. It’s not like I don’t appreciate a cup of coffee or an occasional snack. It’s just that I get a little claustrophobic when the flight attendant stops the cart at my aisle seat. Coach is tight enough without the cart boxing me in. I literally count the seconds until the cart is moved again down the aisle. I can usually count as high as 300.

If that’s not bad enough, a row of people are usually waiting behind the cart to go the bathroom. That means when the cart is moved to the rear of the plane, I have two or three people crowding me in as they wait behind. I really get upset when one of them is wearing heavy cologne or perfume. The whole area gets suffocated with the scent. I may sound very intolerant but I am just echoing how most people feel about coach accommodations, or the lack of them.

Let’s hear a round of applause then for Seongjoo Joh and Lee Min whose new concept for a suspended trolley cart literally “raises the roof” on beverage delivery. The Flying Trolley rolls along tracks in the ceiling and lowers down when the flight attendants need it. This would keep the aisles free so everyone moves around freely.

Like all other inventions that come to market, the Flying Trolley has its challenges. The added weight and the extra hardware could kill the deal. We understand the designers went back to the drawing board and have a brand new solution. Can’t wait to see the results.