Flying Cars Are Coming Soon

I hope we are alive to ride in one of the “flying cars” that are being developed right now. Word has it that they are just two or three years away.

Many tech reporters actually saw the production-version of the Dutch-made PAL-V Liberty at the Geneva Motor Show last week.

The Pal-V Liberty is a cross between a gyrocopter and a three-wheeled vehicle. The vehicle has two separate engines, one for flight and one for roadways. You will need a pilot and driver’s license to operate these new combos. I read it takes between five and 10 minutes to convert from flying to driving mode, and back again.

These new vehicles will sell between $400,000 to $600,000. That may sound like a lot of money now, but life is going to be very different once we start flying around.

Be sure to watch the video. You will get a glimpse into the future.