Say It isn’t So, Stephen Colbert

Am I the only one who feels Stephen Colbert might have harmed his career Thursday night? I’m bringing this to your attention because I don’t want you to be fooled by an advertisement that is disguised as an editorial.

Watch the video. After Colbert’s monologue, which was a stinker, he announced that we would not be breaking for the usual commercial. Instead, he took the cameras to Andy Cohen’s dressing room where they proceeded to talk about Andy’s new radio show on Sirius radio.

That conversation was a paid advertisement. CBS can deny it all they want, but I have been working with TV producers who have suggested this type of paid advertisement for a number of my clients.

I don’t know if I am right about the Colbert segment, but I bet the reason why his Thursday monologue was so lousy was because the TV host was busy arguing with the executive producers about doing the phony editorial on his show. He had no time to focus on his opening remarks. He lost the arguments.

In any case, I hope tonight is better. Please CBS, no more phony shows.

CES Hygiene

As CES rolls around every year, showgoers start thinking about what ailments they are going to contract in Las Vegas. It’s difficult to escape catching something. 150,000 people attend the show.

That’s why people start talking about the precautionary measures they plan to take while attending the show. Since most of my readers don’t go to the show, I thought I would let you take a peek at what CES people are talking about.

It all started this year with tech expert Robin Raskin asking some hygiene questions on Facebook.

Let Them Eat Cake

This may not be high tech, but it’s certainly innovative. If you want to be remembered the next time you send out a card for a special occasion, try a InstaCake Card. It will certainly leave a very “sweet” impression. The greeting card has a cake inside. Recipients are going to gobble it up and thank you for being so thoughtful.

For just $16.00, the InstaCake card should make you the most popular person of all gift-givers. It’s definitely worth it. Watch the video to see how the cake got inside the card. It’s very clever.

InstaCake was invented by baker and entrepreneur Sarah Neal.

Jorge Perez Private Museum

Thank you to The Fountainhead Residency for inviting us to the official opening of the Jorge Perez Family Foundation private museum in Allapattah, Miami. Perez is an Argentine American billionaire real estate developer, art collector, and philanthropist. He is the chairman and CEO of The Related Group. He is ranked 316th on the Forbes 400 list with a net worth of US$ 2.6 billion as of October 2018.

Sam Roberts Introduces You To A New York You Never Knew

Sam Roberts is celebrating the 400th anniversary of New York City with  a new book called “A History of New York in 27 Buildings.”  Sam brings to light the brilliant architecture, remarkable history, and bright future of the greatest city in the world.  Sam looks at Grand Central Terminal, Empire State Building, and St. Paul’s Chapel. Other structures in his book show how municipal politics  aka corruption — impacted the rise of the department store, live theater and public housing. The book isn’t really about design, but how occupants have used these buildings over the years.   And you’ll learn why a spice shop on Lexington Ave is so important to US Presidential history. 


Sam Roberts is one of the New York Times best known journalists. He has worked there for decades. He is also the author of several books and has a major role in the new Roy Cohn documentary. Sam interviewed Roy several times in the 1970’s and 80’s. He learned a great deal about the Trump mentor and shares those insights during the film and with us on Lying on The Beach. TV personality Steve Greenberg, and PR Expert Lois Whitman-Hess, host. –


New York History

Steve Greenberg and I are very excited to announce that our very special guest this week for our podcast, “Lying on the Beach” is New York Times correspondent Sam Roberts. He is one of the most respected journalists ever.

In his new book, “History of New York in 27 Buildings,” Roberts celebrates the four hundredth anniversary of the greatest city in the world. His book description says, “From the seven hundred thousand or so buildings in New York, Roberts selects twenty-seven that, in the past four centuries, have been the most emblematic of the city’s economic, social, and political evolution.”

He describes not only the buildings and how they came to be, but also their enduring impact on the city and its people and how the consequences of the construction often reverberated around the world. We post on Tuesday.

Frost Art Museum at FIU –“After Stonewall”

It was a huge privilege to see the “After Stonewall” exhibit today at the Frost Art Museum. Thank you The Fountainhead Residency for arranging this exclusive visit and the introduction to Director, Jordana Pomeroy and Chief Curator Amy Galpin.

Jordana Pomeroy

Amy Galpin

Entrepreneurial Teenagers Start Sneaker Charity

Announcing My New PR Assignment

Two El Paso teenage brothers have been giving away designer sneakers and socks to thousands of less fortunate students in several cities around the world for the last few years.

It all started with needy students near the Texas border. Drew Frank, 16 and Jamie Frank 15, noticed that too many teenagers had trouble walking to school because of holes in their shoes.

They decided to do something about it. They took their Bar Mitzvah gift money and bought sneakers and socks for hundreds of poverty stricken kids in their hometown. When asked why aren’t they weren’t giving away the least expensive sneakers possible, the brothers said it was so important to give students something that will make them feel proud, confident, and motivated to achieve success.

Drew and Jamie also founded a charity called “Kickpin” to expands their efforts worldwide. At the same time, they created a pop up store in El Paso so young people can come by to see the collection of sneakers. They have given away 5000 sneakers so far and this holiday season will be a record breaker.

To hear more about their plans and for interviews, call me.

Live Inside The Art

Many Americans may not know this, but Santa Fe, New Mexico is the third largest art market in the country. The city has 250 galleries. Thanks to George R. Martin, author of the Game of Thrones, Santa Fe is now home to a new type art gallery that just may attract more patrons than any other. Martin, a Santa Fe local, helped finance the new establishment.

George R. Martin

Called Meow Wolf, the new gallery is an “art experience.” It features a variety of media, video, cross reality (AR/VR/MR), music, and audio. The interactive experiences provide visitors with an unique approach to art. Watch the video to see what I am talking about. I found it on CBS Sunday Morning.

It’s NEVER Too Late To Re-Invent Your Life

Loren Pomerantz

This broadcast episode of Lying on the Beach, with TV personality Steve Greenberg and PR expert Lois Whitman-Hess, is a big eye-opener. Many American adults are leaving their jobs and daily lives for a more adventurous life. Hear all about it.

Loren Pomerantz is living the life so many of us dream of. At the age of 50, this New Yorker decided to give herself a gift that would change her life forever.

She joined a travel network called “Remote Year” that allows you to connect with other professionals who together work and live like locals from four to 12 months in exciting cities around the world.  

Loren was at least 20 years older than most but that didn’t stop her blending into the group who were made up of people who live in different parts of the world and have jobs that allow them to work remotely in the digital age.

Loren is a successful public relations agent who represents companies in a variety of fields.

Most of us can’t imagine what it would be like to experience the life Loren led two years ago.

She is with us today to tell us all about it and how she has maintained this lifestyle on her own since the Remote Year ended. We are catching up with Loren in Stockholm where her evening is now our afternoon. Welcome Loren to Lying on the Beach.

Then And Now

I posted two quick videos below that feature Tom Brokaw, the well known, and well respected, NBC TV broadcaster, addressing how smartphones and social media will impact the Presidential impeachment process. It’s good to be reminded how the world has changed since Nixon was forced out of office. Technology could possibly speed up the process.

Several Airports Are Ruining The Lyft And Uber Concept. LAX Now, Others Considering Too.