How Much Is That Robot Doggie In The Window?

Every tech publication is talking about the new robot dog Sony is introducing to the U.S. market in a few weeks. Bow wow. You can read about it by just Googling Aibo, but I’m prepared to tell you all you need to know.

It cost $2,899 and the battery only last two hours. I can justify the price for early adopters, but I don’t think two hours is enough time for any new gadget. You are just getting warmed up when the batteries run out. That doesn’t work for me, even though I would love to be one of the first to own a dog that I could leave home for days, or weeks, without any worries.

The other negative is that Aibo should only be used indoors.

Most tech folks who have played with Aibo say it is adorable and a lot of fun.

They also said that Aibo features artificial intelligence and sensor technology. I have posted several videos here that will explain all of the fancy features.

I love the fact that Aibo includes a companion app for picture taking, commands, and learning tricks and navigation.

The wonderful thing about Aibo is that you can develop a personal relationship with the doggie robot. Again, watch the videos.