The Gal Who Is Beautifying Lincoln Road

One of the saddest sights we are faced with now on the streets of America are the vacant retail shops that once housed our favorite things. While the digital world is taking over, the remnants of brick and mortar are really so ugly to look at.

One Miami artist decided to do something about it. Jayda Knight, an artist at Textile & Wall Coverings, and art advisor at Williams McCall Gallery, has created window coverings (staging) for many of the vacant stores on Lincoln Road. Her watercolor designs are made with ink, pen and acrylic.

Jayda is thrilled that her designs are bringing new energy to retail. People walking along Lincoln Road are now looking at one abstract masterpiece after another. It certainly provides a great shopping atmosphere.

Jayda was born in Istanbul, brought up in Geneva, and studied at the Rhode Island School of Design where she was drafted by one of her teacher/advisors to work on set design for Saturday Night Live. Those were the days of Jimmy Fallon.

After many years of working all day and partying all night, she moved to Miami to pursue her career in art. She believes Miami is quickly becoming a serious art city.

Eliot and I met with Jayda today to discuss using one of her designs, or an exclusive one, for the foyer of our condo. Anyone who sees her work wants to be surrounded by them everyday. Eliot and I might get lucky.

Exercise Or Anxiety–Have I Got A Button For You

I am a hypochondriac. I used to be worse. When I was happy my heart raced. When I was upset my heart raced. I used to walk around feeling my pulse expecting my heartbeat to stop. I did this until something else came along to distract me. I had forgotten all about that part of my neuroses until I saw a runner on Lincoln Road in Miami the other day stop to take his pulse. He did it the old fashioned way by just applying his fingers on one hand to the pulse on his other. He saw me watching him so I struck up a conversation.

I remarked, “I thought you would wear a gadget for that?” He said he can’t stand wearing anything on his arms when he runs, but he does strap his iPhone to his waist. He looked like he was a mean, lean, running machine. I asked why it was so important for him to take his pulse. He said his doctor felt his “recovery rate” from the highest numbers he achieves per minute while running was too slow. In other words, it took longer than usual for his heart to return to his normal count. He told me that a lot of people have that problem but it is unusual for active folks who like to run, swim or play ball.

I was so proud of myself. I told him about Instant Heart Rate, an app that can quickly tell you how fast your heart is beating every minute. I demoed it on my iPhone. The runner was amazed, as are most people I show this app to. By simply placing the tip of your finger on the iPhone camera , your heart rate will be displayed, much like in Emergency Rooms. The same technique is used by medical pulse oximeters. The real time chart will show you every heartbeat. It looks like an EKG chart.

It is so difficult to fathom. The phone you use to make calls is now a heart monitor. What will they think of next? Don’t answer that!

The runner profusely thanked me and went jogging off. I got so excited that lazy old me showed someone of his caliber a cool tool, my heart started racing. My neurosis kicked in so I used the Heart Rate monitor to see if I had really worked myself up. The results? Only, 75 on the Heart Rate monitor. No need to worry!