Bras Go High Tech

Every six months I visit Linda,The Bra Lady, on Lexington Avenue and 64th in New York City for a semi annual check up. Linda usually surveys the bag of bras and shouts out, “Dead, dead, dead.” She is referring to the condition of each bra. “Dead” means the bra is in no condition to do its job anymore.

If I show any signs of protest, I get the same lecture, “All the women on the upper east of Manhattan are wearing the wrong size bra. You my dear, have the benefit of me properly fitting you.”

Linda, The Bra Lady

For years I lived in fear of something terrible happening to Linda. What if I couldn’t depend on her? Who would help me achieve the appropriate lift? I worried more about Linda than any of my doctors. After all, brain surgeons are a dime a dozen but bra   experts are far and few between.

Then the other day, I was freed by the fairy bra mother. I learned that there are several new online sites like HerRoom, and True&Co, that demystify the painful experience of having to purchase a bra. These digital retailers are working feverishly to draw women away from in-store fitting rooms by persuading them that it is more convenient and private to use new online tools to find the best fitting bras.

Tomima Edmark, Founder of HerRoom–coincidentally, a former HWH client

The New York Times said online retailers are trying to address women’s complaints about the experience of  buying bras in stores. “Women bemoan the long wait for sales help and then the failure to find a bra that fits well and looks good.”

Read more about this sales trend. Click here.

Below are some of the questions answered by digital bra retailers directly on their sites.Truth be told, women would never be able get most all of these questions answered during in store visits..

• What Can I Do To Have Plumper Looking Breasts?
• What’s The Psyche Of Your Bra Size?
• I’m an “A” cup. Do I really need to wear a bra?
• What Is The Most Common Mistake Women Make
When Trying To Find Their Correct Bra Size?

• How Many Hooks Do I Need On My Bra Closure?
• Do Thin Bra Straps Still Provide Support?
• How Do I Know If My Straps Are Adjusted Correctly?
• I Have Narrow Shoulders And My Straps Keep Falling Down.
What Should I Do?