Stress “Bust”-ers


In the future, a woman who goes out to buy a bra might have a choice to buy a smart one. That’s right, even bras are going digital.

A group of researchers at Microsoft have developed a prototype bra that uses sensors to follow a woman’s mood. The goal is to help prevent stress-related eating disorders.

I bet you like what you are reading so far. The Microsoft team want undergarments to multitask. Not only do they keep you in place but now they detect stress. The experimental project uses the woman’s own bra in the beta test, embedding it with electrocardiogram and electrodermal activity sensors (PDF), gyroscopes, and accelerometers.

Data from the sensors was sent to a smartphone app so the women could track moods. The researchers were able to see whether the women were stressed via the mobile mood-detection system. If the subjects see the signs of stress that usually lead to overeating, they can make better choices in the moment.

It would nice to have a wake-up call that stops you from overeating. Just never thought it would come from my bra.