Don’t Be Fooled By Sponsored Editorial

Don’t let the digital world fool you. Not everything you read online is editorial (articles) even though it looks like it. More and more, websites are publishing paid posts from companies.  Look for words like “Presented By,” “Sponsored Content,” and “Paid For,” to know the difference.

This is a new advertising source for digital publications. Companies pay a flat fee to post an article on a topic of their choosing.  The company will then use its name and products as an example of what is being written about in the article.  To most people, these sponsored articles look exactly like the unbiased write-ups a site usually publishes.  Only by looking closer and seeing the designation of  “Presented By,” “Sponsored Content,” and “Paid For,” would you know the difference. It’s the way of the world now. Online publications need income and you should know what you are reading.

Check out the examples I provided below:  “Presented By Delta,” “Presented by NewBalance/DSW,” and “Sponsored Content.” If you read the stories you will even be confused further. Most of the stories include several company names or sources to disguise the advertiser. Read them carefully. See if you can find the featured guest.

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  Huffington Post