Steve Jobs School



Maurice with Mari and Daphne when she was a few months old. The others are Maurice’s adult children

My long-time friend, Maurice de Hond, born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland, has started a completely new type of school, called The Steve Jobs School. I wrote about this before in DigiDame, but I am updating it because Maurice has made great progress. I just received an email from Maurice which explains more.  He knows I am sharing it with you. 

Side note: (The Steve Jobs School uses the iPad to allow children to create their own curriculum with the help of parents and teachers. Young students learn vital social skills by working with other children on projects and by presenting  informative facts to the group).

Dear Lois, 

As you know, I started a completely new school model in 2013-2014. As a tribute to Steve Jobs, we named the school after him.

You can learn more about it on our website,

(You will also find several of my speeches about this topic).
I started the school for my daughter Daphne, born in 2009, because I didn’t want her educated for the future with programs that were prepared 30 years ago. 

I always say, “We prepare children for the future, but we keep them in school imprisoned in the past.” 

We really reinvented the elementary school. We are named one of the 13 most innovative schools in the world by Tech Insider.

We are getting online visitors, almost on a daily basis, from all over the world.

At the end of the year, we will have 40 elementary schools in the Netherlands, with around 8000 children, using our education model.  

There are schools in Johannesburg and Spain who are currently using our system and we are discussing this method with representatives in more than 10 countries including Dubai and Qatar.

I am invited to give keynote speeches all over the world. In the last couple of months, I was in Taipei, Stavanger (Norway), London, and Berlin. Next week I will be in Bulgaria (Sofia). And the coming months I will be in Aruba, San Diego, Germany, and Johannesburg.

A journalist recently wrote a book about us in Dutch called “Each Child Is Different,  how the Dutch Reinvented Primary Education.”

The printed English versiion will be available in two weeks. Digital copies will also be issued 

Here are our accomplishments:

– Children like to go to school. They even  want to go to school on a Saturday.

– Many children with ADHD and ADD are not showing any symptons in our  educational approach.  I am getting mails from parents saying that their child has really improved.

– Children with Dyslexia are doing much better too..

– Parents tell us that their children are expressing themselves more.
– Parents are more involved in our schools (we let them give workshops about their hobby or profession).

Talk soon,