Beware Of ……

The following story is to make you aware of two things not to do, ever, ever, ever.

1-If you need to call for help for any appliance or system you have in your home, do not look for the company’s phone number on Google. Get the number on the company’s website. There are phony companies that have themselves listed on Google so they can attack your personal information for their financial gain.

2-If anyone you dial for help ever asks you, “Can you hear me,” don’t answer “yes.” It’s a scam to record your voice saying “yes.” The person on the other end of the call will ask you the same   question several times just to get you to say “yes.” The scammers will then sell your voice saying “yes” to other companies for their financial rewards.

I think I spelled that out very well so you can now avoid some major trouble.

Let me tell you what happened to a friend of mine.

The pretty tech savvy guy recently bought a printer from a major manufacturer called Brother. He had trouble connecting the printer to his Apple computer so he Googled “Brother service.” He called the number listed  and a person identifying himself as a Brother representative answered the call.

My pal explained his situation and the so called service person acknowledged that Brother was having problems with their printers. He said in order to fix it he would have to remotely go into his computer and make several adjustments.

My friend agreed. The minute the phony service guy had access to his computer he was asking questions that just seemed odd. Then when he asked my friend, “Can you hear me,” more than once, my pal realized exactly what was going on, and quickly hung up.

My friend then went to the Brother website and found the service number the company posted. A real service representative told him that Brother, and many other companies, were having the same phony representation problems.

My pal was warned to watch his phone and bank records diligently because personal information could have been copied off of his computer. He was also told to immediately go to the Apple store to get his computer cleared of any viruses that might have been downloaded into his laptop.

Do not let any service company that you don’t know gain access to your computer. My tech guy at HWH PR logs on to my computer from time to time to fix some complicated mess I created for myself. However, I would never give anyone I don’t know the opportunity to copy my personal information.

Don’t look for trouble. Trouble will find you.

What Is the LifeVest Wearable Defibrillator ?

My friend, Frank Siciliano, from Las Vegas, just told me about the LifeVest Wearable Defibrillator. Hopefully, it will help him live a very long life.

Frank had a heart attack last Monday night. His wonderful girl friend Amy immediately took him to the Emergency Room. He had two stents put in and he is now feeling much better. He admits it was quite a scare. He had some heart trouble 10 years ago but went for regular checkups.

Frank is a sweetheart, calm and practical. He is a talented graphic artist and makes the most gorgeous furniture you have ever seen. He is the last person you would ever think to have heart troubles. An ex-hippie, (not so ex) from the east, went to Brooklyn Tech, loves the outdoors, and hates Trump. That’s all you need to know to love him.

The doctors told Frank yesterday that he could go home but they were not going to take any chances. He had to wear a LifeVest wearable defibrillator. “A what?” I said when we chatted. He told me to look it up. I did. Explanation below.

“The LifeVest wearable defibrillator is a treatment option for sudden cardiac arrest that offers patients advanced protection and monitoring as well.

“The LifeVest is the first wearable defibrillator. Unlike an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), the LifeVest is worn outside the body rather than implanted in the chest. This device continuously monitors the patient’s heart with dry, non-adhesive sensing electrodes to detect life-threatening abnormal heart rhythms.

“If a life-threatening rhythm is detected, the device alerts the patient prior to delivering a treatment shock, and thus allows a conscious patient to delay the treatment shock. If the patient becomes unconscious, the device releases a Blue™ gel over the therapy electrodes and delivers an electrical shock to restore normal rhythm.”

Frank said the machine also alerts the manufacturer and the doctor if his heart doesn’t have a normal beat. He has to wear it for a month or so, just to make sure everything is normal.

Frank posted his good fortune on Facebook. It was a great way to reach everyone at one time. Frank, see you and Amy next year when I’m in Vegas for CES. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Read about this miracle machine here.

Frank before his heart troubles. Below are pictures from Frank and Amy’s home in Las Vegas. Frank made most of the furniture.

Wake Up To Sleep

Many DigiDame readers have trouble sleeping. I have heard the craziest reasons why some of you don’t sleep. One of the new ones is that “the Internet keeps me up. I read so much before I go to sleep, that I think I get too energized.”

It’s time that a professional addressed your problems. Dr. Jeffrey Young, PhD., sleep doctor, really covers everything you need to know about sleeping. You will be surprised to learn you are in more control then you ever thought.

Jeff appeared on Katerina Cozias’ talk show yesterday. I encourage everyone to watch the show posted here because Jeff really tells you everything you need to know to have a good night’s sleep. We live in a complicated world. Don’t make sleeping a big problem. It’s really very simple.


What, Me Worry?

I’m exhausted.

I don’t know how much I’m going to write tonight because I had a very nerve-racking day.

1-A girl friend in Miami had a double knee replacement.

2-My brother had cataract surgery.

3-The Nor’easter was causing havoc for family and friends.

4-My friend from Manhattan was flying to Miami today so I was tracking her flight.

5-A Miami friend lost her father this week.

6-A former employee is very sick.

It was just a lot to think about for one day.

In other news……..

Be sure to watch my cousin, Dr. Jeff Young, on Katerina Cozias’ talk show today at 2pm east coast time.

He is a sleep doctor so he can answer all of your questions about whatever issue you may have.

Click on the LA40 Show.

Call in questions: 818-570-5085

This is what Katerina’s channel looks when you are on the LA Talk Radio website.

Ordinary People

Just because you’re a major actor and musician, doesn’t mean you want to go to the Oscars. Does that hold true if the picture you starred in has been nominated for the Best Picture of the year? Apparently so.

A group of Twitter folks spotted Michael Shannon at a bar in Chicago during the awards show and posted the sighting immediately. Michael Shannon starred in The Shape of Water.

For better or worse, that’s what social media is all about, instant news. You may not like it, but that’s the way the world works now. Actually, it’s been that way for years. Something tells me you already know that.

I wanted to show you what the tweets looked like when Michael Shannon was spotted. You may feel his privacy was invaded, but this type of breaking news has been going on since the telephone was invented. It’s difficult not to share unusual or special news.

I remember calling friends when Eliot and I spotted Jerry Lewis across the hall from us in a south Florida hotel 40 years ago. We thought we were so special. We just couldn’t keep the news to ourselves. I don’t remember who we called, but we certainly spread the news as fast as we could. Silly young adults.

50 Over 50

I am starting a 50 over 50 club. It’s about time that consumer electronics industry seniors get honored as a group.

If you have had a long-term career in the CE/tech business, you’re in. Let’s congratulate each other at a meet-up at CES in Las Vegas next January.

It will be so nice to see those who have had “staying power” get recognized with a few words from each of us attending. Retirees are encouraged to attend. Those who are no longer with us will be honored as well.

One of the reasons why I decided to start this group is because most industries do not honor seniors. You will see events for 40 under 40, or 30 under 30 groups. It frustrates the heck out of me to see industries honor those who have less experience, or have been in their jobs for a year or two.

Most of the time it’s done because the younger folks will attract advertising dollars for the magazines who honor them. It really has little to do with accomplishments. In fact, many of the young people who get honored, rarely stay around. They are building careers and jumping from industry to industry.

People are very excited about 50 over 50 because everyone can join in. It will be lovely to be in the company of those who dedicated themselves to building the CE business and are being finally bring recognized. No judges, no magazines profiting, no political agendas. Just lots of hugs and congratulations.

Details to follow.

Breaking Age Boundaries

Lyn Slater has refined what it means to be an older woman. I have been personally watching her for months. She is an inspiration and joy to celebrate.

At 64, she is a professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service. She also is a fashion and beauty blogger who writes about lesser-known designers.

And now she is a famous fashion model.

Lyn is the Accidental Icon.

I’m going to let Lyn tell you her story. Click the videos below. They are magnificent.

It’s About The Children

It’s not about whether you are politically red or blue. It’s about the freedom of children going to school in the United States without getting shot. I also worry about all of us every time we enter crowds at the malls, movie theaters, concerts, airline terminals, parks, festivals, playgrounds, sporting events, and nightclubs.

We can’t live like this. Eliot and I are thrilled that the younger folks are making their voices heard for getting better gun controls. They are going to vote out the politicians who turn their backs on them.

Too many seniors discredit the millennials and Gen X generations as being lazy and privileged. They forget what they were like at their age. Today’s youngsters are a whole different breed. They are not as naive as we were. They are not going to respect us just because we are older. They will respect us if they see us making an effort to be progressive in our thinking and our activities. It’s not our future, it’s theirs.

Bill Maher had an excellent conversation with David Hogg and Cameron Caskey, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida the other night. He said, “thank you. I really thought your generation was stupid. You have given me great faith in your ambition and strength.”

Please watch the video. You will begin to believe in the future. I recorded the video off the broadcast. I zeroed in on the important content. It’s not a great recording, but the message is so important.

Let’s make our senior voices heard March 24th. Find a local march.

Never Made It To New York

I never could have predicted that I would still be in Miami tonight. We had a big weekend planned in NYC. American Airlines cancelled our flight three hours before takeoff. I must have been greatly relieved about not flying in a storm because I climbed into bed around 7pm and slept until after midnight. Eliot said he tried to wake me several times, but I just kept going back to sleep.

It’s now 12:50am Saturday and I’m up for the day. I do have the capacity to read for a while and then fall back to sleep. I received a promotional message yesterday from Danielle Steele about her new book. Coincidentally, she said it was about flying. I wanted to share her personal fear of flying experiences with you. You might relate. I do.

Hi Everyone,

I hope all is well with you. It’s been a rugged winter, and I am ready for spring. After fire, torrential rains, and mudslides in California, and two solid months of pouring rain in Paris, I am more than ready for some spring sunshine!! Mother Nature has not been kind to California in the last several months. And the first days of spring will be very welcome (although probably still pretty chilly in both Paris and New York, and a lot of other places!!)

I’ll be writing this month, as usual, and I’m excited about my new hardcover coming out on March 20th: ACCIDENTAL HEROES. It’s about a near crisis on a flight to San Francisco, and all the people who are involved. Security on the ground at Kennedy airport in New York, the CIA, the FAA, the flight crew on board, the passengers, and some very clever detectives, and the personal stories and background of each of the people involved. When you think about it, it’s really about the vast number of people behind the scenes who ensure our safety when we travel.

Many people are a little squeamish about flying, and some are really frightened, not necessarily for any concrete reason, but they just are. Many years ago, after years of flying comfortably with ease, when I got divorced, the residual anxiety from that made me suddenly fearful to fly. After about a year of being afraid to fly, I took an amazing eight-week class given by United Airlines at the time, and each week focused on a different aspect of flying: there were people from the Air Control Tower who spoke to us, safety experts, pilots, breathing exercises to do, and a psychologist who attended every class with us. There was even a graduation flight from San Francisco to LA. We drove around the airport, on the ground, and in the plane to get more comfortable.

I have to tell you, it REALLY worked, and I’ve been fine ever since. Classes are still given today (one of my children took a class like it). Today, it is done in a single all day session, or a weekend workshop, and wherever you live, if you check it out, there is a Fear of Flying class associated with the airport, or an airline. One thing it pointed out to me was that people tend to get anxious when they leave home, so anything related to travel, like flying, becomes a challenge. It’s a good point. But I highly recommend a class like it if you’re a fearful flyer. I gave one of those classes as a gift to a friend, who was a nervous flyer, and she’s been fine flying ever since! A class like that gives you the tools to cope with your anxiety, and explains to you all the reasons why you don’t need to be nervous. Statistically, just about everything else we do is a LOT more dangerous, from riding a bike, to driving a car. And it really is extraordinary all the measures the airlines take to ensure our comfort and safety. There are far more safety measures now than when I took that class, with all the security before a flight!!

I travel so much that taking that class has been a real blessing for me. Now, being on a plane is the place I relax most – no phone, no faxes, and I don’t bother with internet on the flight so I dont have to read emails. I catch up on movies I’ve missed, and sleep through most of the trip.

One friend told me at the time that he stopped being afraid to fly because it was just too much trouble to be that worried every time he travelled. And on one flight, before the class, I was sitting right next to the galley, where the flight attendants were chatting right before we landed, one said she had to pick up her dry cleaning, another said she was going to get a pizza for her boyfriend, a third one was going to get her nails done, while I sat clutching my seat, thinking that I was surely about to die when the plane landed, and suddenly it occurred to me”I’m sitting here planning my funeral, and they’re getting their nails done and ordering a pizza???” It put it into perspective for me!!! And reminded me that I was actually going to survive the flight!!

I hope you love the book, and whether you’re a fearful flyer, or a relaxed, confident one, it will reassure you that you are safe and in good hands while you fly!!! And if you are a nervous flyer, you should think about taking one of those classes. When I was afraid to fly, for a year or two, I didn’t go anywhere, and I missed out on travelling to Paris, New York, seeing family, or going on fun vacations. So don’t let those fears cheat you of happy experiences. Take care and have a great month of March!!

Happy Spring!!



VOXX/CarLink App Sends Retail Promos To Your Cell As You Drive Near A Store

Many years ago, a friend of mine, told me he was making a smartphone app that would tell you all about the store you were standing in front of in a shopping mall. Retailers like the Gap, Starbucks, and Nike could show up on your phone offering daily specials.

The possibilities would be endless. Retailers would finally have direct access to their customers, and customers would not miss a sale or promotional opportunity. Everyone would be happy. At least it was supposed to work that way. The truth was my friend was way ahead of his time. He spent a lot of money on a start-up that his programmers could not ever perfect. That was a long time ago

Today there are many variations of my friend’s app. One is coming from VOXX Electronics. The company will be introducing a retailer branding car-starter app with CarLink. CarLink customers use their phones to remotely start their cars or lock/unlock the doors. In a few weeks, retailers will have their names, logos and messages in the app when potential customers drive by their stores. Retailers are limited to one message per month so customers are not “spammed.”

The app also features the retailer’s store information, hours, Facebook page and a GPS. The VOXX app supports both iPhone and Android devices.