Day And Night

This gorgeous sculpture (Claudio Ciarvolo) is in front of Temple Emanu-El on Washington Avenue and 17th Street, across from the Miami Convention Center. It’s going to be our go to place to remind us of our dear friend Kent who we lost today. We hope to remain close to husband Brian who is a prince of a man. Kent enlisted me to be on the board of the Fisher Institute for Alzheimer’s Research and the publicist for his recent children’s book.

Kent (l) and Brian

Today At Art Basel

This sculpture by Dada Khanyisa, Capetown, South Africa, being shown at Art Basel, will hopefully be the big winner for us. The companion piece was purchased by Jorge Perez, for Perez Art Museum of Miami. We loved our choice when we saw it a few weeks ago at the Fountainhead Residency. Now it’s ours. Eliot and I feel one day we will get a call for our sculpture to be shown in the Khanyisa collection at some museum as well. Fingers crossed.

Art Basel Buddies

It’s always wonderful bumping into friends at an art exhibit.Today we were lucky to catch up with the very talented artist, John DeFaro (l) art restorer, Viviana Dominguez, (second from right) and a group of their friends.

I turned the corner in the front hall at Art Basel and saw architect Bruce Danzer of Provincetown.

Art Lovers Are Works Of Art


Multi-Dimensional Selfies

Eliot and Dada Khanyisa. Check out her sweat shirt. Say the words slowly. young and lazy. Couldn’t be further from the truth

One of the best things we did when we moved full time to Miami Beach a few years ago was to join business and cultural groups. Within a short period of time we had big groups of friends with diversified interests.

One group that has been very rewarding is the Fountainhead Residency and Studios. Founded and operated by Kathryn and Dan Mikesell, several artists from around the world are invited/sponsored to Miami to create works of art in a new social environment.

We have met very interesting artists, mostly young folks who have had some success so far. One gal, Shatha Al-deghady, was from Cairo so she really gave us a great overview of Egypt before we left for our trip. She is beautiful and her art is very experimental—belly buttons and scars. More about her later this week. Her work is being showcased at the Miami Art Fair.

The work I wanted to share with you today was created by Dada Khanyisa, a very young female artist from Joburg (Johannesburg). She is now based in Cape Town. The Johannesburg gallery that represents Dada will be featuring her work at Art Basel in the new Miami Convention Center. Look for Stevenson Gallery. She is a graduate from the Michaelis School of Fine Art.

We were amazed when we saw Dada’s work. Her focus is texture and multiple dimensions. She creates sculptural paintings and relate-able objects. The objects include re-interpreted wall units, figurines, reconstructed sneakers, digital illustrations and sometimes a tattoo on someone.

In her own words, “Most of the work I produce is about the black experience; the weight of the content is based on the currency of memories. I enjoy focusing on what people neglect or take for granted- their daily tasks and what was part of their growing experience. The work acts as a social mirror with some distortions which are fueled by the imagination and a particular agenda.”

I’m not sure what that all means but the multi-dimensional work Eliot and I love have a “selfie” photo aspect to it.

A work in progress

Other artists showing off their work at a Fountainhead opening.

Shatha Al-deghady and a friend